Sunday, September 27, 2009

Utimate Barter

While sitting under the shade waiting for the tow truck to arrive and let me back into my car this afternoon, I rested my head in my hands spent a quiet moment to listen and be available to hear God. The idea came almost instantly as I quieted my spirit. Thinking about services people pay for, massage, nutrition counseling, training of any kind. So many people are struggling financially right now, and so many are working to better their life but cannot afford to do all they wish they could for their families or themselves.

The idea of having chickens who lay eggs every day is so appealing to me. We've had a garden overflowing with abundance this summer and gave away delicious, pesticide free food. The kids wanted to sell it. We had so much at times we could have been a vendor at the farmers market! Selling things is not my strong suit. Not motivated to ask people for their money. I'd rather give it away. Do I think it's worth good money, sure!

Everyone has something or can do something someone else needs. Would you clean my house for fresh organic eggs? For fresh garden produce? Avocados? Grain free muffins? Nut bars? grain free crackers? Creamy nut dressings? Photo's taken at your party? Your digital photo's cleaned up and put to music on slideshow?

Assign the current market value to your good or service, we get together with our goods and exchange away. To keep overhead from being a nightmare, everyone negotiates their own trades, including the 3 way trades for now.

Something to think about ay. We all need more than $ can provide, and can provide things to each other like sewing, meal prep, waxing. Pretty limitless really!

Keep posted for more info.

God is so good! I've been praying, begging asking, "What comes next? We can't make this work as is anymore". My heart swells with gratitude and hope for what is unfolding in our lives. My prayer is that my life would be a faith building testimony, building others up around our family, not because of how good we are, cause we aren't, but because of God's grace and love and power. That He be glorified in and through us.

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Francesst said...

i resonate deeply with your last paragraph. i think it is such a joy that life is made for community because when i pay attention to god's work in others' lives (especially when mine feels stagnant) it is a constant source of encouragement and hope. i, too, pray that god would use my story for his glory.